Youth Roma and Egyptian Movement

Summary of the project

The project aims to address the social issues faced by the Roma and Egyptian minority communities regarding the legalization of their housing. These two minorities encounter numerous obstacles such as lack of information, ongoing discrimination, challenging administrative procedures, and bureaucratic hurdles within public institutions. Through this project, LRER aims to increase families’ awareness about the process of legalizing informal housing and promote institutional responsibility in implementing laws and measures to ensure equality and participation for Roma and Egyptian communities. The project includes activities to empower and mobilize families to engage in advocacy processes and influence local decision-making.

Project goals

The goal of the project is to ensure secure shelter through community mobilization and increasing the decision-making power of the Roma and Egyptian communities, including inclusive and transparent negotiation processes with the central and local government.

Target groups and beneficiaries

The families of the Roma and Egyptian minorities in the city of Elbasan.

Main activities

Field meetings;

Informational meetings on legal acts and administrative procedures related to the legalization of informal housing;

Meeting for community empowerment and enhancing the advocacy skills of Roma and Egyptian families;

Meeting with representatives from the Local Directorate of the State Cadastre Agency and the Elbasan Municipality;

Assistance and provision of legal aid;

Production of a documentary video.