Media grants

Media grants are intended for legal entities, civil society organizations or private media companies.

Projects supported through this call will aim to create media content and/or media awareness in relation to the two main themes of this project – Stability and Security and Governance.

For a strong civil society, it is necessary to have strong media, especially those that are independent, critical and that contribute to a better positioning of important topics in the public.

Acceptable activities include the production of media content, education for the media (limited to one education per project, only if necessary goals), promotion of created media content (excluding printed promotional material).

The expected duration of the supported projects is from 6 to 12 months, and the total amount that will be allocated through this grant line is 6,546,600.00 NOK.

Public calls for Media grants are open for applicants during December each year. The total amount of funds available for Bosnia and Herzegovina is 1,091,073.6 NOK of which 533,909.004 NOK has been allocated so far.

Closed public calls: First public call

First public call

Name of the organizationProject tittleArea of work Grant value (NOK)

Start date - End date

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