Shoqata Kombetare Edukim per Jeten

Summary of the project

The project aims to create a supportive environment for the provision of social protection services in the rural areas of the Municipality of Tirana by expanding and diversifying direct and para-social services for vulnerable groups. The project focuses on promoting an integrated system of social protection, preventive measures for the protection of children and at-risk groups, as well as improving interactions between the healthcare service and the Child Protection Unit. These measures are intended to ensure sustainable access to social services and protection for the groups in need in rural areas.

Project goals

The main objective is to develop the capacities of child protection professionals in rural areas to improve the process of identifying and managing cases in need, as well as to coordinate actions between public service providers and sector organizations to actively identify and manage cases in need.

Target groups and beneficiaries

Child Protection Unit professionals;

Social service providers;

Other institutions providing social and health protection;

Vulnerable communities at high risk of being involved in issues such as abuse, trafficking, illegal migration, legal conflicts, etc., particularly children, youth, and their parents.

Main activities

Preparatory phase of the project;

Facilitating the process of listing social indicators;

Conducting a series of seminars on effective management of cases in need of protection;

Mapping services;

Study visit;

Conducting two technical meetings;

Development of facilitating tools for coordinating the work between social protection services, healthcare, education, and police within the framework of the case management procedure.