Info session for applicants from Montenegro was held

Today, an info session was held on the current public calls of the SMART Balkans project for applicants from Montenegro. The session was attended by over 80 representatives of organizations interested in awarding grants in the categories of National Initiatives, Local Initiatives, Creative Box and Media.

The SMART Balkans project manager and program manager of the Center for the Promotion of Civil Society, Dajana Cvjetković, addressed those present who presented the project, partner organizations, and CPCD.

What is essential to emphasize are the values ​​of the SMART Balkans project, i.e., transparency, professionalism, and local ownership. We want to pay special attention to local ownership, which does not mean that local organizations implement projects at the local level but that organizations that apply for projects should be able to adapt their project ideas to their missions and visions and not exclusively to the goals stated in public calls.

The SMART Balkans project is set up to respond to four expected results, and by the end of the project, it is planned to contribute to a stronger, more sustainable, and more active civil society. One of the results we are expecting is a more developed and stronger regional partnership between civil society organizations in the Western Balkan region, partners from the European Union, and the public sector. Then the increased effectiveness of the influence of citizens on changes through civil society organizations, not only the number of participation in decision-making processes but the proper recognition of the work of civil society organizations. Another of the expected results is increased public awareness of the importance of active participation of civil society in development initiatives in the Western Balkans region. We want to see these four results or primary goals as a contribution to Euro-Atlantic integration and the strengthening of a living democracy that is adapted to the specific needs of our region and countries.

Edisa Adžović, grant officer of the SMART Balkans project, presented the Grant Management platform to the organization's representatives, designed to provide its users with all the necessary information regarding grants within the SMART Balkans project.

After the presentation of the GMP platform and four current public calls, there were many interesting questions from representatives of organizations interested in applying for new projects, which made us especially happy.

The questions and answers of the info session for applicants from all six countries of the Western Balkans will be published on February 3 on our website.

Contracts signed with CORE grantees for Albania and Kosovo

We are pleased to inform you that we signed the contracts with the selected organizations of the first round of applications for Core Grants in Albania and Kosovo.

What is CORE grant?

Core grant, in addition to financial support, offers organizations the opportunity to improve the capacities of the organization and staff through customized training and mentoring support, to multiply their strategic influence and be one step closer to the organization’s sustainability. This approach frees CSOs from the pressure created by short-term financing of projects. It enables CSOs to focus on the priorities of users while at the same time following their mission and working towards the achievement of defined goals. Therefore, this type of grant is intended for civil society organizations that make a significant impact in the areas of security, stability, and governance and have the potential for an even more substantial impact on the community.

The expected period of support through the core grant is 24 months. Core grants will financially support the work of civil society organizations for two consecutive fiscal years. Core grants provide general financial support for CSOs that operate and have an impact in one or both of the following areas:

  • Security and stability
  • Governance

The awarded organizations of the public call for Core Grants from Albania are:

  • Qëndra Psiko Sociale Vartra, with an approved budget of 80.000 EUR;
  • Qëndresa Qytetare, with an approved budget of 65.000 EUR;
  • Qendra Sociale në Ndihmë të Njerëzve në Nevojë, with approved budget of 30.000 EUR.

The awarded organizations from Kosovo are:

  • Democracy for Development with an approved budget of 80.000 EUR;
  • Group for Legal and Political Studies with an approved budget of 50.000 EUR;
  • Kosovar Centre for Security Studies with an approved budget of 50.000 EUR;
  • Platforma Civikos with an approved budget of 30.000 EUR;
  • Center for Equaliy and Liberty for the LGBT Community in Kosovo, with an approved budget of 30.000 EUR


We are excited to start the two-year cooperation with the winning organizations of this first public call. We encourage all organizations that did receive a grant within this public call, to apply to the other public calls that the SMART Balkans project will publish soon.