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Young people as creators and bearers of change in Bosnia and Herzegovina society: Youth Incubator of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Council

Young people in BiH now have an open platform where they can articulate their problems and needs more clearly and loudly to those who need to create an environment for their healthy growth and development.

Pralform omladineskiinkubator.ba, which gathers over 100 youth associations, was developed entirety by the Youth Council of the FBiH, a representative organization of young people, recognized by the Federation of BiH Law on Youth. For the past eight years, this organization has been actively working in the fields of advocacy, improving youth policies, improving youth organization, and ensuring that young people fully decide on the most important issues for them.

The Youth Incubator was created to help organizations in various fields to realize their full potential in an organizational sense. It is a program designed to strengthen them, based on the real needs of youth organizations and councils.

Conceived as a permanent source of knowledge, it provides support both to organizations that are at the beginning of their work, and to informal groups of young people who want to join and register as an association. By registering on the platform, you have the opportunity to access materials from eight thematic areas: Analyzes and research (various analyzes and research on the situation of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mental health (framework for promotional and preventive activities in the field of mental health), Youth work (methodologies and manuals for work with young people, information on youth centers), Writing project proposals (manuals and guides for writing project proposals), Legal and financial procedures (manuals for financial operations, template statutes and regulations), Project cycle management (manuals for project management), Advocacy and lobbying (manuals for advocacy and lobbying, creating campaigns), Laws dedicated to young people in BiH (laws on youth and volunteering in both entities and BD, and guides through laws).

The platform is also one of the main mechanisms for grants/funds that the FBiH Youth Council allocates to other youth organizations for the implementation of activities in systemically important issues for young people, activist and volunteer ventures, advocacy and participation, such as an increased level of social engagement, capacity building and opportunities for youth participation in decision-making processes. Also, young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina have the opportunity to submit all other materials that they consider important and useful for other organizations and informal groups, which the FBiH Youth Council regularly posts on the platform.