SMART Balkans trainings aimed at strengthening the capacities of CSOs from BiH and Montenegro were held

An important component of the SMART Balkans project is strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations, within which, during September, two two-day trainings have been held for organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The first training was held on September 12 and 13 in Montenegro on „Project Cycle Management“. Trainers were experts from this area, Darko Mrvaljević and Vanja Starovlah.

Thematic areas included the basic concept of project cycle management, phases of analysis, presentation of approach to project preparation through the logical framework, assumptions, indicators, sources of verification, application of the logical framework matrix in project implementation, and the most common mistakes in project implementation with lessons learned. Besides the theoretical part, the interactive approach covered group work of participants according to areas and expressed needs for practical application of knowledge.

I consider training to be very successful. There was a great commitment of all participants and interest in topics that were unknown. Participants were active in participation and quickly accepted new knowledge, recommendations, and advices given. I believe that training contributed to the strengthening capacities of the nongovernmental sector in Montenegro. Partice of group work showed progress and bigger connection of organizations themselves and ultimately their better networking“ Vanja Starovlah stated.

The second training on the topic of „Results oriented reporting “ for civil society organizations from BiH was held on September 27 and 28 on Igman; trainer was Adis Nadarević, a journalist with many years of rich experience.

„Every serious project ends with the presentation of results. Even the best work is not complete if we do not make an effort to inform all who may be affected by it and if we miss the opportunity for them to recognize its importance. We live in an area of easy access to social and traditional media. Presentation of results of civil society organization’s work has never been easier, but at the same time, it was never more challenging to avoid mistakes in this process. This is why the purpose of this training was to encourage our partner organizations to be more active and freer in media promotion of its own results and to help them do it in the best and most responsible way possible.“ Nadarević concluded.

During the training, participants spoke about correct reporting of results, how to communicate with media about project activities, what media ethics presents, how to qualitatively present results, and how to use multiplatform journalism.

Support of SMART Balkans project is crucial. It enables us to realize planned activities, advocate for changes in educational policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to educate new people. Training is interesting and well designed, and we got inspired for smarter, more precise, and focused results-based reporting and useful advices for managing project results!“ stated Verned Voloder from Nansen Dialogue Centre Mostar, a training participant.