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United Nations Association Albania

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation 
United Nations Association Albania (UNAA) is an organization dedicated to information, inspiring and mobilizing Albanian youth and Albanian citizens to support and follow the values of the United Nations. Since its establishment on October 24, 2016, on the anniversary of the UN Convention, UNAA aspires for a society led by peace, democracy and sustainability. In its work, UNAA has the main mission of working in partnership for it improve informed political making, to encourage society’s participation and activism young people, as well as advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It main programs consist of:

  • Participation and Advocacy (mainly of young people)
  • Education on Democracy and Good Governance
  • The nexus between the EU and Sustainability
  • Peace and Security

Beneficiaries and target groups:
The direct beneficiaries of UNAA work are definitely young people, activists and young professionals who are interested in pubic policies, democracy, peace and sustainability.

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