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Raising public awareness in order to reduce and eliminate gender stereotypes in Montenegro – “Equal = Correct”

Summary of the project implemented by Association Roditelji

There is already a large number of well-established patterns of behavior in the family environment in the Montenegrin society, that even women, due to lack of information, do not recognize as some form of violation of gender equality. Society abounds with a multitude of prejudices and stereotypes about women as housewives and mothers who are born with a predetermined path and a role to which they aim throughout their lives. Any deviation from the established stereotypes means resisting unwritten social norms. This project aims to raise awareness about the stereotypes and behavioral practices which are the most prevalent and that to make a positive change towards raising awareness, but also reducing the degree of prejudice and stereotypes in a satirical way, through a set of video materials (short films that vividly present family life situations that violate gender equality) and visuals on social networks.

Expected results: With this project, we expect to achieve the following results:

  • Creative short videos that directly influence raising public awareness about deep-rooted stereotypes about the traditional division of roles between men and women distributed in the form of funny videos that present different scenes from family life, which show how often the principles of gender equality are being violated, of which the spouses and the community are usually not aware;
  • The final video that will present the main messages and an example of a happy family unburdened by the division of gender roles. Unlike the first three videos, which in a satirical way represent the violation of the gender equality principle and vividly present the prevailing of gender stereotypes
  • Third video, will show an example of a happy family that is not burdened by gender stereotypes.
  • One promotional campaign will be implemented on social networks with associated narratives and visuals, which, in addition to visual content in the form of funny videos, will provide the public with an insight into some statistics and information concerning gender equality, which greatly affect the safety and stability of women in the family, political, business and other aspects of life, and which specifically refer to established stereotypes about women and the division of roles between them and men. Thus, the creative content will be supported by concrete numerical evidence, research and indisputable facts, and besides, it will enable women to understand that they are not alone, and to recognize the violation of gender equality in order to fight together for a society of equality, instead of a society of division;
  • At least 100,000 people reach on social networks is expected as a result of a campaign that will be carefully planned and directed towards our target groups;
  • At least 40,000 people will see the videos on the Association’s YouTube channels during this project.

Project goals

General goal:

  • The general goal of this project is reducing the degree of stereotypes about the traditional division of gender roles between men and women in Montenegro, which, through the implementation of a set of planned activities, tries to work on reduction of the level of gender stereotypes that are represented in Montenegro and to contribute to increasing the degree of gender equality.

Specific goal:

  • To make members of both sexes aware of the deep-rooted traditional division of roles between men and women by creating 3 videos in a period of 8 months, as well as a promotional campaign that will inform society about established gender roles stereotypes. This goal will be achieved by creating a creative campaign that will aim to, through the creation of videos, raise public awareness on how deep-rooted habits that represent some of the usual patterns of behavior that are recurring in many families are, and which represent a violation of the gender equality principle.


This project brings together the main target group – 90,000 women from the entire Montenegro who follow and interact with the contents published by the Association – the women who have recently got married, the married women, young women up to 30 years of age, mothers, including women from the countryside, unemployable women, women with disabilities, women members of ethnic minorities, as well as all other women who are exposed to discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes in their daily lives. Another target group are 80,000 men in Montenegro who also follow and interact with the content published by the Association, those who have recently got married, men who have become fathers, young men up to 30 years of age, etc. and whose activities further affect deepening of gender inequality or can influence its reduction. Men are equally important for the partner relationship and the gender equality related situation, and therefore they are part of the target group because with their activities and attitudes they contribute to further deepening or reducing the degree of gender equality in Montenegro.

Gender equality in Montenegro is something that has been actively worked on for a long time, both at the institutional level and outside the system, through the activities of the civil sector. However, deep-rooted stereotypes and the traditional attitude towards women as housewives, women who need to give birth, as ineffective at work, and others, make paving the path to a gender-equal society difficult to be achieved. Women who have intention and the right to become mothers, but also to be economically independent, are in particular targeted on that path.

The new gender role of women, who are more economically independence, also led to a change in the distribution of the roles of women and men in providing for the family. This change was not followed to the same extent by the change and equalization of the positions of women and men when it comes to taking care of the household, so that the women are further burdened with expectations in this regard. Although having children often implies leaving the labor market for women for a long period, and therefore the traditional view of the role of women in the family is reinforced, the opposite option also implies a significant degree of gender equality that requires from a woman to have a successful career on the one hand, and to be a housewife in the traditional sense. This complication requires the search for answers that will pay necessary attention to these phenomena, but also strive to develop solutions that will lead to raising awareness about new “traps” that lead to the reproduction of gender inequality.

Main activities 

Advertising campaign on healthy married and family life styles and elimination of gender stereotypes

  • Preparation of the advertising campaign and visuals;
  • Preparation of two short videos for the campaign;
  • Preparation of the final video
  • Launch and campaign implementation

Release of the final video – In the fifth month of the project, the Association will release the final campaign video through all its promotion channels;

Closing the project