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Summary of the project implemented by Open dialogue network

This project contributes to the creation of social mechanisms to combat various negative phenomena in Montenegrin society, from the ever-present clericalization, nationalism, homophobia, misogyny etc. The project will contribute to starting a dialogue on these topics and thus contribute to the various social groups involved in the project in starting to review the mechanisms and ways to fight against these phenomena. Local communities, as well as groups that are targeted by right-wing and conservative groups, will be included in the project and will have the opportunity to contribute with their experience and knowledge. This project focuses on improving the level of information and raises awareness on above mentioned issues.

Project goals 

General goal – Improvement of social mechanisms to combat the radicalization of Montenegrin society.

Specific goal – Improving the level of information of the inhabitants of Podgorica about retrograde (radical) social patterns and how to fight against them.


The general target group is all citizens, but special focus will be on three special target groups:

  • Young people using social networks in the territory of Podgorica
  • Population in multicultural areas in Podgorica that are affected by the radicalization of society and where divisions are most visible
  • Decision makers in Podgorica and Montenegro as well as creators of media products (journalists, editors)

The final users are all the citizens of Podgorica, taking into account the phenomena that the project deals with affect the entire population in Podgorica, as the largest city where almost half of the Montenegrin population is located. However, in certain parts of the project, the focus will be on groups that are most vulnerable and most affected by retrograde phenomena, such as LGBTQ people, ethnic minorities, women, PWDs, and youth. The project focuses on digital ways of communication, taking into account that hate speech and the spread of misinformation most often happen online, therefore the project uses the same tools and platforms in order to fight against them. Additionally, users will be included in the final event planned at the end of the project.

Main activities

  • Establishing visibility of the project and overall branding RADIKAL(NO);
  • Publication of the analysis of the results of an online survey on radical, conservative-right and discriminatory tendencies in Montenegro with a special focus on social media and electronic media;
  • Creation and implementation of the RADICAL(NO) campaign
  • Creation and publication of 3 author’s texts on disinformation, hate speech and radical patterns of behavior in Montenegrin society with a special aspect at the local level;
  • Organization of a Local Forum with representatives of all groups with recommendations to decision-makers, politicians and the civil sector under the name Radikal(NO) society – mechanisms of fighting against harmful social phenomena.

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