Qendresa Qytetare

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

  • Main goal is that through advocacy, efficient civil society coordination, representation, and strengthened capacities, to contribute to the local, national, and regional development agenda.
    More specifically, the strategic orientation of the organization is related to:
    Enhance activism and knowledge management efforts targeted at fostering an atmosphere that would enable better responses to universal access to public education.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the SDGs localization process for the organization’s partners and members through training in educational, anti-corruption and climate change.
  • Enhance the QQ ability to coordinate and network among its members.

Beneficiaries and target groups:
Young people and students will be taking trainings and strengthening their will to start taking advocating initiatives to ask for accountability from public institutions.

  • Activists and informal groups will be able to use the organization space, consulting and capacities to mobilize and organize their activities in the good of their causes.
  • Citizens will have a place to articulate their problems, the lack of information given by institutions, consequences of bad governance, and several violations of human rights.
  • QQ will exist as an organization whose main focus is to protect the causes of the vulnerable and unheard citizens.