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Center for civil society development PROTECTA

Summary of the project

The main problems that this project will address include the lack of initiative and knowledge among local CSOs on the topic of the fight against radicalization, prevention, and suppression of violent extremism; the absence of an official local policy on this topic; and the lack of interest and ignorance of citizens, from which prejudice and extreme behavior often arise. All of these factors contribute to the fact that Niš is a fertile ground for right-wing organizations and the promotion of extreme attitudes and behavior towards various minorities, whether political, religious, national, or otherwise.
The project will be implemented within the territory of the City of Niš. South Serbia, with Niš as its regional center, is the poorest part of Serbia. The daily experience of social and economic poverty, particularly among the city’s youth, fosters an environment conducive to the development of various forms of extremism. This situation is exacerbated by widespread corruption at the local level and the collapse of local institutions, which serve as a facade for the ruling partocracy where political parties hold the predominant influence. Despite the pro forma support for European integration by the parties in power, their real strength is drawn from right-wing extremism. As a result, official communication within city institutions such as the city assembly and city council, as well as in local media, is dominated by hate speech and open intolerance towards anyone who is different, whether in terms of political beliefs, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

Project goals

The general goal of the project is to enhance the capacity of civil society in the city to combat radicalization, prevent and suppress violent extremism, and foster conditions conducive to cooperation and a shared agenda among CSOs, institutions, and other stakeholders in the city regarding this issue.

Specific objectives:

  • Raising awareness and educating citizens, particularly young people, about the perils associated with the radicalization of society.
  • Facilitating intersectoral networking to address the challenge of combating radicalization.


The target groups towards which our activities are mainly directed are: youth, socially vulnerable population (refugees, migrants, national minorities, people with disabilities…), local CSOs, business sector, local institutions.

Main activities

  • Training on combating radicalization and violent extremism
  • Joint action of civil society towards the citizens of Nis
  • Online campaign on violent extremism and P/SVE
  • Drafting of comments and recommendations for the local agenda related to P/SVE
  • Media promotion of the project