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Center for civil society development PROTECTA

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

PROTECTA has existed for 25 years, has implemented over 130 projects at the local, national and regional level. Goals:

  1. Encouraging and empowering independent civic and youth initiatives through strengthening citizens’ capacities and awareness;
  2. Improving democratic processes at the local, national and international level and strengthening the role of citizens in decision-making processes;
  3. Strengthening the capacity of organizations and institutions important for the development of social, economic and social standards.

Areas of interest:

  • Promotion of democracy, democratic values ​​and rule of law;
  • Development of civil society and civil sector in Serbia;
  • Decentralization and regionalization of society;
  • Promoting standards and values ​​of European integration;
  • Youth policy, standards, education, activism and volunteerism;
  • Economic empowerment of the population and business entities;
  • Fighting against organized crime and corruption and promoting the idea of ​​legality;
  • Promotion of innovative models of social action in the local community;
  • Sustainable development and environmental protection.


The target groups towards which our activities are mainly directed are: youth, socially vulnerable population (refugees, migrants, national minorities, people with disabilities…), local CSOs, business sector, local institutions…