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Promijeni ploču (Change the record)

Summary of the project implemented by Zdravo da ste

The name of the project is the need for changes in any aspect, and “Change the record” is something that is used in everyday speech to indicate that if something does not suit us, we should change it. The project will bring together 10 young people from different social backgrounds, who, with the support of mentors, will actively work on creating music and lyrics for at least two songs. The very topic of the songs will be their experience of reality and a critical review of current events in our country. During the implementation of the project, two songs will be recorded in a professional studio, which will certainly be a new experience for some of the participants.

Project goals 

With this project, ‘Zdravo da ste’ aims to empower the youth of the city of Banja Luka for greater participation and engagement in creating a positive environment and a more inclusive society. 

The purpose of the project is to give space and opportunity to young people to express their opinions and attitudes about the general situation in BiH through a critical review of everyday events using creativity as a channel of communication with the public. 

Specific goals:

  • Educate young people about important life topics and involve them in the process of creative creation;
  • Development of critical thinking and strengthening of personal competences.


The project is aiming youth of the Banja Luka city, aged 15-30. ‘Zdavo da ste’ plan to gather young people from different social backgrounds and different levels of experience, as well as the general population as consumers. Results of the project (songs) will also reach the population outside the borders of our country, bearing in mind that in the Western Balkans the challenges and opportunities are more or less similar. 

Main activities

  • Public call to form a band – for all interested young people from the city of Banja Luka area who want to express their opinion through musical expression.
  • Creative process – The band will continuously work on the creative process with the support of a mentor. The group will meet regularly once a week.
  • Music practice room – in addition to the band that will be formed at the beginning of the project, others will also have the opportunity to create and improve. This association partially equipped the space for the needs of young people who are involved in music. The music practice room will be available for use by anyone who expresses a need. The use of the training room will be free of charge, and the dates are determined by agreement.
  • Studio recording – as the crown of the band’s work, two songs will be recorded in the music studio. These songs will be a channel of communication to the public in order to convey a key message. Filming is scheduled for the sixth month of project implementation.

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