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For Transparency, Against Corruption

Summary of the project implemented by NGO MANS

This initiative will support capacities of CSOs and citizens and their groups to more freely and independently seek information of public interest that could enable them to both better monitor government performance in implementation of social policies and gain higher appreciation of their rights. This will be done by boosting capacities of project stakeholders to use Freedom of Information Law in obtaining mentioned information, provision of mentoring to CSOs in monitoring the work of the government and provision of services to interested citizens. FOI services (smartphone app and strategic litigation) will be improved, making them more user-friendly and efficient.

Project goals

Overall project goal is to increase transparency and reduce corruption in implementation of social policies in Montenegro. Specific objectives include strengthening CSOs capacities to monitor implementation of social policies; empower citizens to more independently seek information of public interest and improve legal framework for free access to information.


Main beneficiaries include CSOs dealing with marginalized groups, citizens’ groups that are interested in using free access to information for exercising their rights, Administrative Court that will decide in cases when information is denied and other institutions that will be involved in providing information of public interest.

Main activities

Main activities include:

  • Organisation of capacity building events for CSOs
  • Development of action plans for monitoring social policies
  • Provision of FOI (freedom of information) services to CSOs, citizens and other stakeholders
  • Awareness raising campaign (media and social networks)
  • Organisation of info corners
  • Improvement of FOI smartphone app
  • Collection and analysis of data on law enforcement and development of recommendations