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Fighting high-level corruption: Stronger oversight, greater accountability!

Summary of the project implemented by Transparency International BiH

In order to encourage citizens in the fight against corruption and increase accountability in the judiciary system, TI BiH will implement a series of activities, including establishing a monitoring framework to identify potential cases of high-level corruption and ensuring that competent institutions are informed about irregularities and corruption cases, enabling them to take appropriate action. Citizens will be empowered through information campaigns on reporting mechanisms and anti-corruption tools, and they will be informed about the effectiveness of judicial prosecution. Additionally, recommendations will be distributed to relevant institutions.

Project goals

General goal is to build pressure for more accountability judicial institutions and more efficient prosecution of high-level corruption, by strengthening monitoring of institutions and responsible individuals within institutions, acting towards the competent judicial institutions for all observed irregularities, and mobilizing citizens through encouraging reporting of illegal activities.

Specific objective(s)

  • Identifying irregularities in the work of public institution, with a special focus on cases high-level corruption, through monitoring of public spending, public procurement, analysis relevant reports and decision of institutions
  • Empowering citizens to bring about changes, by promoting tools for reporting and acting upon citizens’ reports of corruption, with a focus on high-level corruption and ensuring an appropriate institutional response to citizens’ reports
  • Strengthening oversight of corruption prosecution by increasing pressure to prosecute cases of public importance
  • Informing the public and advocating for more effective prosecution of corruption, strengthening rule of law and anti-corruption reforms.


The target group consist of judicial and other relevant institutions at all levels, which will benefit from being informed about specific cases of corruption that require action, as well as all judicial institutions that will benefit from monitoring findings, that will help them to develop effective approaches in prosecuting corruption.

Main activities

  1. Establishing a framework for monitoring institutions with the aim of identifying potential cases high-level corruption;
  2. Informing citizens about corruption reporting mechanisms;
  3. Collection and processing of data/information, and acting by referring cases to competent prosecutors;
  4. Putting pressure on institutions to prosecute reported cases;
  5. Conducting analysis and engaging in public advocacy activities.

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