CPI Radio Drama

Summary of the project implemented by CPI

Bearing in mind the lack of quality media content in general, and radio programs in particular, the CPI Foundation plans to create creative and interesting content adapted to the general public, in the form of a radio drama, which would cover topics of state governanceRadio drama is also an excellent way to directly influence audience awareness as well as to ensure the education of the general population about the problems in the domain of the CPI Foundation’s activities, especially considering that radio is a medium that still has a great reach and influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Project goals 

The general goal of the project is to increase citizens’ information about topics in the field of governance. Specific goals are to promote, put in focus and start a discussion on the governance topics and to provide support for current CPI advocacy activities through the creation of content that can be used for future advocacy activities. 

CPI Foundation will organize team of artists to write, record and produce a 30 minutes radio drama, which will function as a whole and in episodes: 5 episodes of 6 minutes each, and which will cover topics from the field of governance: Promotion of digital literacy and fight against fake news

  1. Promotion of digital literacy and fight against fake news
  2. Freedom of speech 
  3. Euro-Atlantic integration and public administration reform
  4. Participation of civil society in decision-making
  5. The fight against the shadow economy and corruption, including high-level corruption


The beneficiaries of the CPI Foundation are generally all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, considering the fact that governance topics concern the entire public, but also subgroups such as, for example, the media to whom we provide innovative content, other associations of citizens who can use the produced content, young people for whom we create new and attractive interactive content promoting informal acquisition of knowledge. 

Taking into account the low general and digital literacy, and the great dullness of radio as a medium in BH, there is a need to create creative, satirical or humorous content on important topics, which would be available through radio for older generations and on streaming services and channels used by a significant number of young people. 

In addition acting students lacks radio acting experience and are interested in this type of practice and writers are interested in writing in this new format.  

In the end radio drama will be given to Library for blind and partially sighted people as format close to their beneficiaries needs.

Main activities 

  • Preparation and monitoring of the project flow; 
  • Production of a creative script for a radio drama lasting 30 minutes;
  • Recording, mixing, production and post-production of radio drama: recording voice, music, ambient sounds, etc.;
  • Production of the visual identity of the radio drama;
  • Promotional activities in order to ensure that the radio drama is distributed and listened to as widely as possible.