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Climate smart community

Summary of the project implemented by Association of citizens “NEŠTO VIŠE”

Based on many years of work and experience in the field of environmental protection, UG “Nešto Više” noticed the lack of education problem related to climate change, and wrote a project that would at least scratch the surface in this segment of protection and action. Namely, it is an education project for the youngest (primary schools from 5 to 9 grades), journalists, farmers, activists from the field of activity, civil society organizations, beekeepers and others interested in the given topic of climate change and our influence and action on it. All educations will be based on the indicated need to set up a mini meteorological station on the permaculture property of UG Nešto Više in the vicinity of Mostar, connecting it with the already existing measurement network in the region and beyond, and making the data available to all the listed groups, as well as to all interested citizens. Also, the meteorological station will be connected to the already existing device for measuring air pollution, and all data will be available as for the meteorological station itself. Through the already mentioned long-term work on the preservation of the environment, UG Nešto Više noticed that the mentioned groups, especially the youngest ones, are the target group that can spread their acquired knowledge the fastest and best and act in the best possible way.

Project goals  

General goal of the project:

  • Increasing the awareness of the inhabitants of Mostar area about the impact of climate change on the safety and stability of the individuals, groups, community’s and the world, and all through the achievement of specific project goals. 

Specific goals: 

  • Educating and networking children (100) and teaching staff (10) from 4 elementary schools in Mostar from grades 5 to 9 through 5 workshops. Educating and networking journalists, representatives of CSOs, members of the local community – farmers, beekeepers, activists through 2 workshops (20 and an Open Day – introducing the work of the Meteorological Station (schools, farmers, beekeepers, citizens etc. – 30). 
  • Strengthening the capacity of the association through the establishment of a meteorological station in addition to the already existing device for measuring air pollution. 


School children from grades 5 to 9 and teachers from Mostar area – education through workshops. Media representatives– education through 2 workshops, media appearances, published articles. Representatives of CSO’s, farmers and beekeepers, citizens, activists, parents/families/friends of all participants, interested hobbyists, researchers, citizens.

Main activities

  • Education with 4 elementary schools in Mostar, with a total of 5 visits to the UGNV Farm (from 5 to 9 grades) on permaculture (climate preservation), the fight against climate change, responsible and better environmental management etc., all age-appropriate and demonstrative, included with an Eco quiz with prizes for participants and winners.  
  • Educational workshops with the media from Mostar area, invited and interested CSOs and activists, designed as an informal gathering with an educational part by agronomists from UG NV
  • Installation of a mini meteorological station, in cooperation with a young meteorologist from Mostar, connection with already existing stations both in the region and beyond. UGNV will publish the data on the UGNV fb page, and all data will be publicly available and usable even after the end of the project.
  • “Open door day” to which all the groups listed so far are invited (media, CSOs, schools, farmers, etc.) where the mini weather station will be presented and everyone present will be introduced to its work.

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