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Citizen`s association RUBIKON Skopje

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

The association RUBIKON acts on:
• Promoting informal education among citizens, with a focus on children, youth
and professionals working with children and youth
• Development of civil society, democracy, and democratic institutions
• Promotion and advancement of human rights and freedoms, civil values, and the rights of vulnerable categories of citizens.

The focus for the next period is to continue the twenty-five-year commitment to greater
inclusion of children and youth in informal education.
RUBIKON continues to organize activities, training sessions, and educational workshops with children, youth, and their parents, as well as teaching staff about peer violence, reducing polarization among the young population, and strengthening personal integrity and coping with corrupt practices at a young age. The RUBIKON team will continue to strengthen the professional capacities of employees in the child protection system.
Through the accredited program „Coping with peer violence and cyberbullying“; by the Bureau for Development of Education, RUBIKON will continue to operate at a national level in the field of prevention and addressing peer violence for teachers, support services, and students in primary and secondary education.
Proposing initiatives, measures, and activities to competent authorities, institutions, and
professional services aimed at improving regulations in the areas of the Association activities.
Through the unique forum theater technique, RUBIKON continues to address social
problems and strengthens personal capabilities.
RUBIKON will maintain the established network and long-term cooperation with partner organizations and will foster new partnerships and collaborations.


High school students and teaching staff – they will gain insight, a clear understanding, and knowledge about the concept of corruption through forum theater performances. They will also acquire skills to cope with and report corrupt behavior. Awareness of the prevalence of corruption in all segments of society will be raised.
Young politicians – they will have the opportunity to build a unified perception of the actual situation with corruption in the country by sharing their views and opinions. They will develop enhanced personal integrity, individual responsibility, proactivity, and zero tolerance for corruption.
Employees in public administration – the Annual program in the field of prevention and dealing with corruption will be analyzed at the working meetings. They will gain insight into the actual situation, as well as the functionality and application of the Program with all planned activities.