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Center for Environment

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

The project will enable and support the further enhancement of the Center for Environment’s work in the upcoming period by increasing focus on programmatic and strategic goals, thereby providing greater benefits to end-users. Over the next two years, there are plans to deepen programmatic work within specific themes, strengthen legal actions, and expand communication of environmental activities and themes to the public.

Organization goal

The project goal is to enhance the Center’s work in terms of its ultimate impact on environmental protection policies, raising public awareness of the current challenges facing the BiH society, and the need to mobilize the population in their local communities.


  • BiH citizens (directly and indirectly)
  • Environmental civil society organizations and citizens’ initiatives
  • Governmental institutions on all BiH levels
  • Media
  • Judicial system in BiH

Main organization activities

  • Creation and adoption of Strategic Plan for the period 2024 – 2026
  • Support to implementation of activities that relate to the strategic development component of all program areas.
  • Improvement of financial management
  • Support fundraising activities based on realistic internal and external needs.
  • Improvement of work with the final beneficiaries and partners (individuals, associations, and networks)
  • Improvement of monitoring and evaluation system of staff and program/project activities