AC Institute for Corruption Research Kareja

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

The strategic orientation of Kareja is: researching corruption in general and especially its most serious form – political corruption, improving the fight against political corruption and other serious forms of corruption, educating citizens about the social danger of political corruption, and especially young people about the importance of opposing corruption and preserving basic moral values as basic human values.


The project will benefit from:

  • Citizens of Serbia. The group is broadly based, as the rule of law affects society as a whole. Citizens have an essential need to live in an environment of the rule of law. On the other hand, we see that the people of Kukulovce do not have that need, and that they have adapted to the state of corruption dominance. We want to draw their attention to the state of corruption and the rule of law in Serbia in a specific way. The citizens of Serbia will benefit from the project because they will develop and strengthen their awareness of the harmfulness of corruption,
  • The interested public, aware of the dangers of corruption for society, will benefit from the project, which will help them to have a stronger influence on the part of society that is not aware of the dangers of corruption.
  • Decision-makers at the national and local level and institutions (MUP, prosecution, courts, Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and others) responsible for the fight against corruption. We want to influence them, so that they implement laws and fight especially against political corruption. An interactive satirical-ironic performance should act as a shock, which would move them to implement the laws.
  • CSOs and the media will benefit from the project because several CSOs will be connected by stronger ties and strengthen their anti-corruption influence. The media will benefit because they will have quality content available for reporting and performing their function in society.