Youth Digital Security and Good Governance Video News Shows

Over the course of the supported project Youth Media: Promoting digital security and good governance, journalists from Portalb.mk and the Meta News Agency (both portals under Innovative Media) collaboratively generated over 25 video news shows dedicated to informing and engaging young audiences. The primary objective was to provide accurate insights into crucial subjects encompassing security, stability, and good governance.
By disseminating information through various digital platforms, the initiative aimed to elevate the level of youth involvement in addressing priority issues. The content sought to empower young individuals, fostering critical thinking skills and enhancing resilience against disinformation campaigns. Ultimately, this effort aspires to cultivate a digitally responsible youth, enhancing their resistance to cyber security risks and, in turn, contributing to the broader goals of ensuring security, stability, and good governance.

Specifically focusing on topics such as the environment, climate change, digitalization, cyber hygiene, and combating disinformation, the video content was produced in both Macedonian and Albanian languages. The impact of this endeavor is evident in the substantial viewership on various social media platforms.
The Albanian-language videos garnered nearly 30,000 views across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Simultaneously, the Macedonian-language videos achieved an even more significant reach, amassing close to 150,000 views on the same social media channels. This widespread engagement underscores the effectiveness of employing multimedia content to inform and mobilize young audiences in the realms of security, stability, and good governance.