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VIJEĆKO: Getting to know the FBiH Youth Law through a social game

The three-day event “Let’s Roll the Law!” gathered over 50 young people from different parts of FBiH in the period from October 27 to 29 in Konjic. In the organization of the Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of the project “Youth on the Move”, the pre-final version of the interactive social game “Vijećko” was presented, with the aim to inform primarily young, but also more broadly, about their rights and obligations stipulated by the Law on Youth in the FBiH and Youth Organization.


“We wanted to bring the Youth Law of FBiH closer to young people from 15 to 30 years old through a game and in an interesting way, because during our work we noticed that young population is not interested to read the Low. We have decided that we will adjust the access and transmission of important information about the Law. The goal of this game is to establish the Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a strategic game that has many instructions and rules that introduce young people to organizing and approaching to an certain problems that can often be encountered in the field, such as the need to create a strategy for young people, finding space, etc. Also, the game enables the learning of many important concepts”, pointed out Berina Bulatović, project assistant of the FBiH Youth Council.

The reactions of the young people after the game were positive.

Jasmin Ahmetspahić from Sarajevo believes that the game is well organized and adds, “This is a very useful tool for us in order to educate ourselves as much as possible about our rights, which in my opinion, and according to the facts, are not respected enough. We need to pay more attention to them, so that they start to be fully respected. The game is therefore a very good starting point, because education and awareness of young people about the importance of the Law that concerns them is the first step for a more progressive struggle”.

“During these three days spent in Konjic, we met a lot of different people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, with whom it was nice to exchange opinions. We really liked the game, my group was united. We learned many new terms in addition to the ones we already knew, and we were pleased with this approach”, said Ilma Hodžić from Novi Travnik.

The game was also played and supported by Iskra Tafro, PR manager of CPCD, which is committed to strengthening youth umbrella bodies and jointly creating a better and fairer society in the development of which young people play a key role. CPCD strongly supports the activities and work of the FBiH Youth Council through their other projects within the SMART Balkans CORE grant support.