Empowering Community Composting

Community composting fosters a sense of environmental responsibility and can teach community members about the importance of waste reduction and sustainable practices. Composters have been distributed to 6 primary and secondary schools, as well as 3 groups of neighbors.

In a broader context, composters are utilized by approximately 5,500 male and female students, more than 500 employees in schools, and over 30 households in Novi Sad and the surrounding area. These communities have the opportunity to learn in a practical way how to set up and maintain a composter and to discover the potential benefits of composting, including reducing waste, strengthening local self-organization and collective action, preserving the environment and natural resources, and much more. Along with the composter, short technical instructions on how to set it up, what (not) to put in it, and how to maintain it were shared. The installation of the composter requires very little time, and it can be installed by one or two people.

In total, more than ten composters will be distributed to communities.

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