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Education, economy and activism of young people

As part of the “Education for sustainable development to active citizenship” project implemented by the Association “LAN”, Bosanski Petrovac, Bosanska Krupa, and Bihać served as meeting places for young activists, high school students, and students since May of this year. 

Young people organized street actions, addressed human rights, gender equality, and sustainable urban development during interactive workshops held in schools as part of this project. They also shared powerful messages about the importance of activism, education, and activism in the community. 

The idea of bringing together young people from the three cities mentioned and having them visit one another had a very positive effect on the awareness of young people about how strong they are when they unite. The project’s goal was practical education for sustainable development, helping fellow citizens, their city, and the planet Earth. 

“Meetings of students from three cities and schools are very interesting. Together, we share opinions, talk, debate, which only enhances the realization of the workshop itself, as well as the conclusion and development of our opinion. We are trying to create the best possible solution and the first step in self-activation for sustainable development and the planet Earth as our only home” said high school student from Bihać Dalila Majetić at a workshop as part of this project. 

Anđelina Alagić, student of MSŠ Bosanski Petrovac, believes that there is too much talk about protecting the planet and pollution, but that the key is a lack of practice: “We came to the conclusion that we need to implement more practice on these topics, to make people aware and that this is the only a way to save our planet, at the same time the only place where we have the possibility to live”. 

RTV USK produced an interesting story about this project, supported by the SMART Balkans grant Local Initiatives. To see more about the significance of it to the young people of Bosanski Pertrovac, Bosanska Krupa, and Bihać, watch video bellow: 

The gallery of photos created within the project is available below: