AWEN: “Civil Society for Good Governance: A national intervention aiming to strengthening capacities, strengthening partnerships, and raising public awareness”

AWEB conducted an event to present the project titled “A National Intervention Aimed at Strengthening Capacities, Empowering Partnerships, and Raising Public Awareness.” The session began with an overview of the project’s goals and outlined activities. Subsequently, the discussion focused on the active engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in this initiative. Participants explored how CSOs could contribute to and participate in the project’s objectives. The event served as a platform for introducing, discussing, and garnering support for the project’s overarching objectives and strategies. The event adopted a hybrid format, allowing for both physical and online participation. This approach facilitated broader accessibility, enabling individuals to join either in person or remotely through online platforms.

*A two-day training was conducted on “Gender Equality Reforms in Politics and Measuring the Impact of Reforms” on July 24.  Through this training, organizations enhanced their capacities related to gender equality reforms in the country and the region – examining similarities and differences (first day) and the methods that can be used to collect evidence and ways in which data can be utilized to communicate with policymakers and implementers of reforms, as well as the general public (second day). The activity was conducted in a hybrid format, allowing for both physical and online participation. Participants were trained on the second day on methods of data collection and how this data can be used to communicate the impact of reforms in the field of gender equality.

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