Announcement for accreditation of Financial Academy (educational program) for civil society organizations within the SMART Balkans project

In order to strengthen the civil sector and create stronger, more sustainable and more dynamic civil society organizations, the SMART Balkans project, within its activities, has also envisaged accreditation of an education program in the area of ​​financial management for civil society organizations. This program (financial academy for civil society organizations) aims to improve the financial management capacities of civil society organizations through a tailor –made program created specifically for the needs of civil society organizations. This will significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of civil society organizations, as well as their capacity to manage and absorb larger funds.

For that purpose, today the project coordinator from the SMART Balkan team, Aleksadar Cekov, met with a representative from the PU Center for Adult Education, where the goals of the program were presented, and information was exchanged about the accreditation procedure for the program itself.

After the verification process of the program, there will be a call for civil society organizations that are interested in following the training.

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