ACDC’s initiatives in flood risk awareness and mitigation

Floods pose a significant threat to the territory of Kosovo, and their occurrence is often exacerbated by human factors such as negligence and unauthorized construction of buildings around rivers and mountain streams. In recognition of these challenges, our cooperating partner Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture has taken several initiatives through the project “Promoting the rights and role of citizens through reducing the risk of natural disasters,” to create an impact by raising awareness and fostering social cohesion among community members. Utilizing the power of online platforms, a series of impactful posters served as visual aids, outlining various human factors contributing to the risk of flooding. The campaign was designed to inform and engage the community, highlighting the critical link between human activities and the rising threat of natural disasters, specifically flooding.

In what ways do human factors contribute to the occurrence of floods?

Human negligence, from improper waste disposal to inadequate land management practices, greatly contributes to the occurrence and intensity of floods. Deforestation around rivers and mountain streams leads to soil erosion, which directly increases the risk of floods. As forests are cleared, the natural protective layers that mitigate floods are also lost. Furthermore, the disrupted balance of flora and fauna further destabilizes the natural environment, increasing the risk of floods.  Unauthorized construction near rivers and mountain streams poses a serious threat to flood prevention efforts. Such construction can lead to changes in river flow and the destruction of natural floodplains and protective barriers. Illegal waste dumping, including hazardous materials, also poses a significant threat to flood prevention efforts. When waste, especially near rivers, is not properly managed or recycled, it disrupts the natural balance of ecosystems. Recognizing and addressing human factors contributing to floods in our region is crucial for effective prevention, emphasizing the significance of understanding our role in exacerbating flooding.

In this regard, the project involved the strategic development of a local plan. It was designed to bring together all stakeholders within the Municipality of North Mitrovica, including non-governmental organizations, residents from diverse multi-ethnic neighborhoods, and representatives from various sectors. It was specifically tailored to minimize the risks associated with flooding and to ensure an efficient response in times of crisis.  Beginning with an introductory overview, it navigates through the legal framework and thoroughly analyzes the geographical position, topography, geology, hydrogeology, water resources, climate, air temperature, precipitation, humidity, solar radiation, wind patterns, and natural hazards. Further, it evaluates flood risk, scrutinizes the intensity, types, and impacts of various natural disasters, and identifies strategic objectives for mitigating flood risks in the Municipality of North Mitrovica. Concluding with insights into local strategy implementation and action plan development, this document provides a comprehensive overview of environmental challenges and responses in this area.

Lastly, a billboard was strategically placed across North Mitrovica. Featuring the slogan “Towards a cleaner and safer future: Let’s prevent floods together,” and served as a visual reminder of our collective responsibility in combating the risks of flooding. By raising awareness, strengthening regulations, and promoting individual responsibility, we can make significant strides in flood prevention. Only through collective action can we secure a safer and more resilient future.

You can find below the brochure and local plan on floods prevention: 

Brochure- Floods prevention

Local plan for flood prevention


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