KEC: “Youth for Digitalization”

The project “Youth for Digitalization” organized its final coordinating meeting for this year with the Mentors of Media Clubs. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information on the activities carried out and planned by the Media Clubs in the project’s partner schools. In this meeting, information about the progress in the development and implementation of the respective Action Plans of each club was also presented by each school.

140 students, members of Media Clubs along with mentor teachers from 7 high schools are participating in the training sessions on the theme “Media Literacy.”

🟩 Through these trainings, media club members and mentors are expanding their knowledge regarding media and information, specifically in developing critical skills to avoid fake news. Further, the training covers topics such as freedom of expression, promoting digital literacy at the local level, combating fake news, digitalization, combating radicalism, misinformation as a threat to security, data privacy, etc.


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