Women’s Organization of Strumica

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

The Organization of Women from Strumica (OZS) was founded in 1991 and for more than thirty years has been working to promote and advocate policies based on equal opportunities and gender equality, on non-discrimination and non-violence against women and girls.
The strategy of the Organization of Women from Strumica (OZS) focuses on improving the position of women and girls through representation, mobilization and strengthening of their capacities for inclusion in planning and decision-making processes, as well as on encouraging, promoting and advocating policies of an integrated approach for prevention and protection from gender-based violence.
We strive to ensure greater responsibility from decision-makers and institutions for the promotion of gender equality and the protection of women’s rights.
Our strategic objectives are also aimed at sustainable and professional work through the application and respect of procedures for transparent and accountable work, monitoring and evaluating the success of internal organizational work and through cooperation with women and girls from urban and rural areas, related domestic and international civil society organizations and with institutions on matters of common interest.


Women and girls from urban and rural areas, victims of gender-based violence, members and volunteers of the OZS, young people, civil society organizations and informal groups working in fields close to the Organization of Women from Strumica, external collaborators, decision makers, institutions, media and the general public.