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Women Action’s – Radovish

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

Women’s Action was founded in 2005 with the aim of creating favorable conditions for organized access and permanent social activity of women in the municipality of Radovish and beyond, ensuring adequate representation of women in all spheres of public and political life in the country, monitoring, implementation and application of international conventions and declarations for the protection of women and their rights, affirmation of the culture of living of women and the family, social and health education of the women, strengthening the socio-economic position of women at the local and national level and protecting women from domestic violence.
Bearing in mind that unequal opportunities in the access can lead to a large gender, social and economic gap, the strategic objectives of Women’s Action are focused on improving the position of women through the mobilization and representation of women, strengthening their capacities through education, encouragement and motivation for their active involvement in the process of policy making at the local level and prevention of gender-based violence and economic empowerment of women.



The activities of Women’s Action are aimed at strengthening of women and girls from urban and rural communities, victims of gender-based and domestic violence, unemployed, adolescents, women of all ethnicities, local women’s NGOs and institutions. The local governments of the municipalities Radovish and Konche also benefit because our strategic commitments leads to the fulfillment of the strategic priorities determined by the municipalities.


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