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Urgent psychological and legal support for endangered jornalists and women journalists

Summary of the project implemented by the Društvo profesionalnih novinara Crne Gore  (Society of Professional Journalists of Montenegro)

Provided psychological support to 14 journalists in individual and collective ssessions. Legal support was also provided for the local correspondant, but the procedure is still ongoing because the Security sector condacting securitz assesment. „The Black chronicle“ journalist was provided  with psychological support. She has a police escort because her safety is threatended bz members of organised crime.

The Public servise journalist who was given support, was under political pressure.

The goal of the project is to empower journalist for professional reporting, which was also the goal of the group psychological training.

Project goals

Provision of urgent psychological and legal assistance for the vulnerable journalists in Montenegro.


Journalists in Montenegro who are the targets of treats and atacks; Citizens as consumers media content
Main activities
  • Psychological trening for at least  10 journalist
  • Psychological sessions for women journalist  in Public servis (RTVCG)
  • Psychological sessions for women journalist reporting on organized crime and corruption
  • Psychological and legal help for media correspondent  (women journalist) form Kolasin