Udruzennje mladih – Mlada aktivna Gracanica

Summary of the project

The project aims to address the problem of illegal dumping sites in central municipalities of Kosovo. It seeks to mitigate the negative effects of these sites on the local community and the environment by raising awareness among citizens about environmental preservation and encouraging their active involvement in resolving the issue. The project intends to achieve its goals through awareness campaigns, education on sustainable waste management, and citizen participation in waste collection and reporting. It also recognizes the impact of climate change on the environment and social cohesion. The project primarily focuses on municipalities like Gračanica, Kosovo Polje, Obilić, and Pristina, where illegal dumping has significant consequences.


The goal of the project is to reduce illegal dumping sites, raise awareness about sustainable waste management, and promote collaboration among communities. It involves engaging influencers, civil society organizations, and public institutions in awareness campaigns and organizing discussions, workshops, and debates.  preservation.

Target groups and beneficiaries

Citizens of municipalities;

Civil society organizations;

Public institutions;

Youth from different ethnic communities.


Main activities

Promotional campaign;

Organization of roundtable discussions and debates.