Sundimi i Demokracise ne Kosove

Summary of the project

The project aims to address the issues of weak youth participation in local decision-making processes. Despite slow progress, municipalities have not developed sustainable youth mechanisms and have not involved young people in the development and implementation of policies for them. There continues to be a gap between dedicated youth structures and financial resources and the planning of activities in collaboration with young people. This project aims to use the “Community Scorecard” model to engage youth structures and municipal authorities in meaningful dialogue and to contribute to the development of better youth policies at the local level.

Project goals

The goal of the project is to involve relevant stakeholders at the local level, utilizing the “Community Scorecard” model, such as municipal authorities, civil society organizations, youth clubs, student councils, students, and others, in the assessment and development of local youth policies.


Target groups and beneficiaries

The youth from the Municipality of Podujevo, including youth organizations and various youth clubs, as well as the municipal authorities, specifically the youth sector.

Main activities

Sensitization and mobilization of stakeholders for participation in the “Community Scorecard”;

Initiation workshop for the “Community Scorecard”;

Formation of focus groups with young people and municipal authorities;

Conducting initial meetings with Youth Focus Groups;

Conducting the first meeting with the Municipal Authorities’ Focus Group;

Researching findings from the initial focus groups;

Identification of issues/indicators and preparation of Evaluation Matrices;

Conducting second meetings with youth focus groups and municipal authorities;

Processing the evaluations from the focus groups (drawing the final score);

Interface Meeting;

Action Plan development workshop;

Finalization of the Youth Action Plan.