Public Interest Advocacy Center – Fondacija “Centar za zastupanje građanskih interesa” (Fondacija CPI)

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

MAIN AREA OF OPERATION: Macroeconomic and general budget policy – Budget monitoring, analysis and research; Anti-Corruption; Budget advocacy; Citizen involvement; Participatory budgeting; Education.

VISION – Bosnia and Herzegovina as a society of informed, active citizens with a transparent and responsible public sector.

MISSION – Our mission is the collection, interpretation and availability of verified data of public interest, and through cooperation and a creative approach we advocate a responsible society.


Beneficiaries are all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, considering that transparency of the budget process concerns the entire public, but also subgroups such as:

Media – to which we provide information of interest;

BH Government – all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which we assist in preparing budget policy proposals;

NGOs/CSOs – that we help through training to become part of budget financing by introducing them to the process of applying for budget funds;

Youth – young people for whom we create new and attractive interactive content, promoting informal knowledge acquisition through the development of socially responsible campaigns and interactive games.

Academic community – for which we provide clear and measurable indicators, advanced methodology and innovative technology, as a basis for starting relevant public debates.

Work method:

  • Strengthening the ability of public authorities to recognize the need and benefits of receiving evidence-based policy proposals and to be able to utilizes those proposals.
  • Getting relevant stakeholders to have similar understanding of an issue, which might include putting the issue on the agenda, defining its emphasis and connecting it to other issues. Building a shared understanding of an issue and its priorities build consensus for taking eventual policy actions.
  • Research findings or advocacy efforts modify the development of certain legislation, governmental structure, or regulation or the way policy process decisions are designed and made.