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Organization of women of municipality of Sveti Nikole

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

The strategic goals of OWMSVN show the ideal or desired state that we want to achieve during the duration of the Strategic Plan 2020-2024, and are in line with our mission and vision. In accordance with our programs, we have 3 main goals. The main goal of the Health Program is to contribute to better health care of the citizens, and in the direction of continuous help and support of women suffering from and treated by malignant diseases, improved protection, prevention and improvement of the health of women and girls and advanced and improved care for own physical and mental health. The main goal of the Program for Children and Youth is for young people to be recognized in society as important actors who influence and contribute to positive changes in the community, and in the direction of improved and built capacities of children and young people through various forms of informal education, increased youth participation, improved youth activism and volunteerism, as well as created opportunities and conditions for early childhood development. The broadest program is the Human Rights Program, which aims to contribute to the respect and promotion of human rights, with an emphasis on women’s rights. This program is aimed at several segments, i.e. it promotes the concept of basic human rights, works on increased participation of women and young people in the processes of creating and adopting public policies, programs, strategies, promotes the prevention, protection and elimination of all forms of gender-based violence, as well as family and peer violence and additionally aims at introducing the concept of gender equality in all spheres at the local level. In order to improve and strengthen our work, we are continuously working on better positioning, visibility and work of OWMSVN towards its constituents and creating conditions for financial self-sustainability.



The target group of OWMSVN is all citizens, regardless of their affiliation and determination on any basis. The direct focus is on women and young people, but also children, marginalized groups and groups of citizens in a less favorable social position. With this project, it is expected to influence the improvement of the overall work, active functioning and positioning of OWMSVN. By achieving the expected results, such as improved sustainability, increased visibility of the Organization and its influence in contributing to taking initiatives and acting on social changes, an advanced and promoted Health Program of OWMSVN will benefit all our target groups, especially women and girls who are affected or treated by malignant diseases.