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Law and /or justice for victims of domestic violence

Summary of the project implemented by Megafon NDN d.o.o. Tuzla

The intervention “Law and/or justice for victims of domestic violence” will point out the vagueness of regulations and actions in the chain of protection of victims of domestic violence and prevention of femicide. Fifteen research texts with relevant interlocutors on this issue will be published on https://megafon.ba/. A letter/invitation for cooperation will be sent to the addresses of 10 non-governmental organizations that deal with the rights of victims of domestic violence. Olso, the findings of the research will be sent to parliamentary representatives in Tuzla Canton and municipal/city councilors, in order to warn of the need to change/amend the regulations necessary for effective prevention of femicide.

Project goals

Point out the consequences of vague regulations and procedures for the protection of women victims of domestic violence and the prevention of femicide, encourage the process of changing regulations and procedures that address this problem.


Women victims of domestic violence, authorities and institutions for the protection of women from domestic violence, non-governmental organizations that work on the prevention of violence and assistance to victims will benefit from the project. The intervention should contribute to raising awareness among the public about the need for more precise actions during emergency situations.

Main activities

  • Research, preparation, drafting and publication of texts on the website and social networks
  • Writing letters to 10 non-governmental organizations dealing with the prevention of femicide and the protection of victims of domestic violence. Writing letters to members of parliament and municipal/city councilors
  • Promotion of texts on social networks

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