Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS)

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation:
Kosovar Centre for Security Studies is an independent policy research centre dedicated to security sector development and reform in Kosovo and the Western Balkans. KCSS aims to promote the development of the security sector in Kosovo and the region, while also strengthening democratic oversight of the security sector through the formulation, implementation, monitoring and security policy reform, promoting cooperation between civil society and public institutions with special focus on the security sector, justice, and rule of law, and enhancing the voice of civil society towards peace-building policies. Through its research and advocacy work, KCSS has covered a wide range of security-related issues, including security sector development and reform, identifying and analyzing security-related risks stemming from terrorism, violent extremism and organized crime, women’s role in the security sector, foreign policy and challenges in regional cooperation, and emerging threats such as disinformation, cyberthreats and safeguarding of critical infrastructure.

Beneficiaries and target groups:

The primary beneficiary of KCSS’ work in the scope of the SMART Balkans project are public institutions and executive agencies that are directly involved in policymaking and management of cybersecurity and critical infrastructure sectors. These include the MoI, MoD, the Kosovo Police, the to-be-established Cybersecurity Agency within the MoD and the Division for Critical Infrastructure within the MoI, among others. These public stakeholders will benefit from KCSS’ research-based expertise which will be primarily focused on needs assessment and monitoring. Ultimately, KCSS will contribute towards improving the capabilities of the above-mentioned institutions to better respond to challenges related to cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and disinformation.