Forum MNE

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

Forum MNE is present in Montenegro since 2002. It has evolved from the international project into a local CSO. Security and stability have been in the focus of Forum MNE activities since 2015 when youth workers have been called upon to actively engage and contribute to prevention and countering of violent extremism. Ever since Forum MNE has been actively working on building capacities of diverse actors (grassroots CSOs, authorities, educational institutions) locally, nationally and regionally but also fostering direct youth engagement.

The organization has established a regional network of CSOs, experts and young people and facilitates exchange of experiences and best practices but also offers platform for joint initiatives.

Organization goal

To contribute to youth resilience to violent extremism in Montenegro through a tailor-made strategic approach adjusted to local contexts and concerns.


Relevant authorities responsible for implementation of the national P/CVE strategy, national youth supporting structures, local self-governments, CSOs, academic community, and media.

Final beneficiaries are young people.

Main organization activities

In the upcoming period, Forum MNE will prioritize the significant role of youth work in preventive efforts aimed at eliminating risk factors leading to violent extremism. This involves reducing root causes, facilitating early recognition and response, and necessitates the engagement of institutions, organizations, and individuals alike. Concrete preventive actions will focus on relevant and timely learning, the development of knowledge and critical thinking, the enhancement of skills, values, and attitudes, as well as the promotion of positive narratives. These activities aim to foster self-confidence, mutual respect, and the cultivation of a culture of peace, tolerance, intercultural and interreligious dialogue. By involving young people, the goal is to deter their departure from socially accepted attitudes and behaviors.