Summary of the project

The project aims to promote dialogue and collaboration among young people from diverse communities in Kosovo. The project’s main aim is to encourage dialogue, cultural diversity, and intercultural knowledge, contributing to social cohesion, peace, and reconciliation. Through three extended intercultural camps, participants engage in discussions, research-based workshops, and idea exchange. They create audio-visual products addressing the camp’s topics, fostering connections and understanding between communities. The materials culminate in a digital exhibition at DokuFest, with additional presentations across Kosovo.


Project goals

General goal is to promote reconciliation and intercultural understanding among young people in Kosovo through the establishment of a sustainable platform based on mutual respect and understanding, aiming to raise awareness among youth in addressing media-driven prejudice and negative narratives. Specific objectives are to develop a resource center providing access to information and resources on diverse cultures while promoting cultural understanding;
raise youth awareness to critically evaluate media and audiovisual narratives, with a particular focus on addressing the past, tolerance, and hate speech that leads to violent behavior, enhancing their immunity to ethnocentric media narratives.


Target groups and beneficiaries

In addition to the targeted original group aged 18-25, the final beneficiaries of the project will be the entire society and the wider circle of project participants, as we strongly believe that their positive experience with fellow participants from all communities in Kosovo will change their perceptions of communities for the better.


Main activities

Intercultural Camps “Stories We Tell”;
Development of 1-2 minute video portraits of project participants;
Development of video interviews with participants;
30-minute omnibus film.