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Democracy Plus

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

Democracy Plus (with the acronym D+) is a non-governmental, independent and non-profit organization that is committed to the creation of a democratic society through increasing citizen participation in political processes, increasing accountability and influencing decision-making processes. D+ aims to promote the use of information technology through the integration of information technology in all initiatives and activities because the latter has an important role in the democratization of a society.  D+ undertakes initiatives aimed at bringing decision makers closer to citizens through policy research, facilitating dialogue or communication and public education.

Beneficiaries and target groups:
During the last three years, D+ through the assistance provided to the Assembly of Kosovo in monitoring of the implementation of laws, has offered dozens of recommendations for improving the legislation; has offered interns in almost all parliamentary committees of the Assembly of Kosovo that they have help MPs in monitoring laws and improving communication with citizens over time monitoring the implementation of laws; has strengthened the participation of women and men in the processes policy and decision-making through public reactions through over 300 media appearances, hundreds of infographics, video animations, columns and articles produced and distributed widely in the media; D+ has advocated for fair, impartial and transparent spending public funds through public procurement through the monitoring of over 200 tenders, D+ has facilitated the communication of citizens with the candidates for mayors during the elections 2022 has continued to maintain and update online platforms including NDREQE.COM (over 5000 reports, close to 2000 fixes, and almost 4000 updates); Results Portal of the Kosovo Elections (it is a platform for analyzing the results of about 10 pairs of elections e results); Courts (quality of services in Basic Courts according to citizens and lawyers); Fake News Course (online training built into six learning units grouped into six chapters since in 2022 the section on hate speech was added).

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