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Center for Investigative Journalism Kruševac – CINK

Summary of the project

The low level of participation by young people in decision-making processes at the local level is a significant issue that this project aims to address. The media landscape for young individuals remains exceedingly limited. Even when topics of relevance to this demographic are covered in media content, young people seldom occupy the central roles, frequently being discussed or written about indirectly. Traditional media outlets display minimal engagement with young people, and their activities receive inadequate monitoring. Consequently, the media environment within the Rasin district inadequately accommodates the diverse array of subjects that concern young individuals, which, in turn, discourages their involvement in decision-making processes.

The existence of an institutional and normative framework, both at the local and national levels, serves as a fundamental prerequisite for fostering the active participation of young people in decision-making processes. The local action plan for the youth of the city of Kruševac for the period 2020 – 2025 sets forth the promotion of active participation by young women and men in decision-making processes and the social life of the local community as one of its strategic objectives, specifically under the domain of active participation and youth volunteerism. However, the practical reality diverges from these intentions.

Furthermore, Kruševac and the two smaller, rural municipalities, Varvarin and Ćićevac, grapple with a persistent issue of young people continually leaving the area to pursue higher education in urban centers or seek employment opportunities elsewhere. The departure of young, educated individuals has a profound impact on the activities of the few organizations and groups dedicated to youth-related matters, often leaving them with insufficient capacity to actively engage in the decision-making process.

Project goals

General goal: To contribute to a greater participation of young people in decision-making processes at the local level.

Specific objectives:

  • To improve awareness and understanding of the importance and effects of active youth participation at the level of three local communities in the Rasin district (Kruševac, Varvarin, Ćićevac).
  • To empower and encourage young people in three local communities in the Rasin district to actively participate in decision-making processes.


The target groups of this project are young people directly and indirectly involved in the implementation of project activities, youth and youth associations, formal and informal youth groups, student and student parliaments, youth offices, educational and cultural institutions, trade unions. The end users are potentially all young people aged 16-30 in the territory of three local communities (Kruševac, Varvarin and Ćićevac) as well as the entire Rasin County.

Main activities

  • Research of the current situation regarding the active participation of young people in three local communities on the territory of the Rasin district
  • Organizing the debate
  • Training for young journalists and associates
  • Information campaign