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Center for Democratic Transition

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

CDT’s mission is to improve democracy in Montenegro through the development and encouragement of dialogue, education of political actors, research, advocacy and monitoring of institutions, processes and policies. CDT organizes its activities through two program areas, i.e. six sub-areas: Elections, Openness and good governance in institutions, Economic and demographic policy (Democratic institutions), International and European policy, Resilience (security) of the community, and Heritage (Democratic society). These (sub)areas directly correspond to the areas of management and security and stability. 

Elections have been a priority of CDT since its foundation. In the previous three years, we were members of the parliamentary committee for electoral reform and contributed to dozens of accepted proposals. In this period, CDT carried out civil monitoring of the electoral process in all important elections and influenced the increase in transparency of the process and institutions and contributed to the reduction of tensions. Based on its initiatives, the Constitutional Court annulled unconstitutional and illegal election decisions. 


As a civil society organization, CDT addresses the entire public and focuses on citizens who think critically, new generations, journalists, public servants, members of academic communities, entrepreneurs, and credible politicians, all of whom share CDT values.