Balkan Green Foundation

Summary of the project

The project aims to focus on the challenges faced by Kosovo in dealing with the impacts of climate change, by accelerating the decarbonization process in sectors related to security and regional stability. The project aims to provide a comprehensive approach both in drafting policies relevant to the decarbonization process and in providing discussion platforms on how this process will positively affect the reduction of the impact of climate change in Kosovo.


Project goals

General goal is to reduce the impact of climate change, especially in key sectors related to security and stability across the region, through the decarbonization process.
The specific objectives are to support government institutions in drafting sectoral policies in accordance with EU standards; provide inclusive platforms for discussion among key actors in order to influence environmental and climate policies and to raise citizens’ awareness of the impact of climate change on regional security and stability.


Target groups and beneficiaries

The general population, with a special emphasis on women and communities most affected by the impacts of climate change;
Public institutions, increasing communication between these institutions and offer a multidimensional approach to reducing the impacts of climate change;
Businesses, involve the private sector in discussions about the future of climate change and concrete steps that would help reduce these impacts and possible benefits for them from the transformation.
Media, developing a digital awareness campaign and multiple media appearances to offer accurate, reliable and comprehensively information for the public.


Main activities

Developing stakeholder mapping;
Organize one workshop with the working group for the development of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2025-2030;
Conduct analysis with recommendations for key sectors for national security and stability in the region;
Organize the conference and discussion panel;
Developing digital awareness campaign.