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Association of citizens Media Plus Shtip

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

Organization’s aim is to strengthen the civil society and through the media community to influence the social trends and social responsibility. Media Plus directs the media to perform their public function, independent of their ownership.
In addition, organizes promotional events and activities, bring citizens closer to the media world, achieve interactivity and communication in all parts of society.
They believe that the future of the democratic society in Macedonia is in a joint dialogue with all factors in social life. We are working to change the awareness of citizens about their influence in order to improve social life at the local, regional and national level.
The form of advocacy and lobbying on behalf of its constituents is through participation in working groups for adoption and amendments to legal solutions, debates, public events, focus groups and conferences.


From the implemented activities, the following will benefit: Youth, Parents’ Councils, schools, citizens-general public.

The activities of the project, that is, the educational workshops, directly involve young people and parents, who will listen, but also share experiences and views on modern and attractive topics, such as cyber security and privacy, digital abuse and manipulation.

Participating in the workshops is an opportunity for them to see that they are not alone and unique in these so-called digital incidents and attempts to violate their privacy.

The video lessons and the public campaign aimed at the wider education of the population about misinformation, as part of the project’s activities, is a continuation of the efforts for additional education and gives additional influence to the general public.