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Association Centre for Social Initiatives NADEZ

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

C.S.I. NADEZ works actively in the field of supporting vulnerable groups through project for:

  • support in the education of children and youth, with an emphasis on Roma;
  • support in the integration of girls by enabling access to education and offering activities to fulfill free time;
  • women are also supported to improve their social and economic situation through the development of long-term self-help mechanisms;
  • support and assistance to the educational process, social integration of children and young people and support of a multi-ethnic dimension between different nationalities within the community;
  • the reintegration of voluntary returnees from European countries, by providing help and support, for their more successful integration into social processes.



The following target groups will benefit from the implementation of the “Initiate – Realize – Change” project:

  • the local community
  • the local self-government
  • primary school
  • children in primary schools
  • general public

Through an online survey, the capacities at the local level will be mapped, as well as the acts and procedures that are used to act in case of natural disasters and threats. All of this will represent the future direction for the work of the established working group, which will make recommendations for the improvement/advancement of the existing plans/procedures for action in the case of natural disasters, at the local level. Through the establishment of good cooperation between local schools, the municipal organization of the Red Cross, the Directorate for Rescue, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the local government, training and simulation exercises will be carried out in at least 4 schools of local level. With this training, at least 4 student preventive teams will be formed and trained at the local level. One pilot school who is involved in the project  initiative will receive prominent evacuation plans in a prominent place with clearly marked school exits. During the entire project, a promotional campaign on social media will be implemented to raise the awareness of the general public at the local level for initiation and involvement in initiatives for the prevention of natural disasters and threats.