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Analysis of media content during the political campaign for the parliamentary elections in Serbia in 2023


The project deals with determining the level of media professionalism in approaching topics related to snap parliamentary elections in the Republic of Serbia. The monitoring will provide an analysis of the extent to which voters are objectively informed through television with a national frequency and which trends on social networks and online portals they were most exposed to.

Project goals

The tasks of monitoring will be to determine:

  1. Is there equal representation of all political actors (personalities and parties) in the “headliners” and mid-announcements of the central information programs (CIPE) of 4 televisions with national coverage (RTS, TV Pink, N1 and RTV)
  2. What topics did the media choose as the most important during the pre-election campaigns
  3. Which discourse strategies and which keywords were the most dominant in media reporting
  4. Did the media resort to a covert political campaign

Success indicators:

  • Completed research tasks
  • Published 4 periodical (weekly) and 1 final report on the website of the Novi Sad School of Journalism, social networks and in the form of a press release
  • Promoted results at an event (stand and exhibition) in Novi Sad in the week after the election

Target groups

  • Journalists
  • media experts
  • activists
  • politicians
  • educators
  • general public

Main activities

  1. Research – television monitoring with national coverage and analysis of meta data on content virality about elections and trends on online media and social networks Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Periodic monitoring reports – Publication of the obtained results will be done once a week (every Thursday) until election day. The four periodic reports will contain summarized data as well as a brief researcher’s commentary with graphs.
  3. The final monitoring report will be presented at the final event, in the week after the elections in Novi Sad. As part of this event, a forum will be held where the researcher will present the results of the monitoring and give an overview of the context of the pre-election campaign. Also, research data will be presented visually on panels that will be an exhibition of the obtained results.
  4. Promotion on social networks

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