Albanian Center for Quality Journalism

Summary of the project

The project aims to establish a group of media professionals with profound knowledge of the accession process, key laws, and policies of the European Union (EU), in order to promote close collaboration among the stakeholders and provide the public with information on issues related to EU accession. The project generates multimedia products such as podcasts and informative videos, and develops in-depth articles written by journalists.

Project goals

The goal of the project is to increase public awareness of the importance of active participation in European integration processes and to enhance capacity for intervention through civil society actors and the media.

Target groups and beneficiaries

Media professionals; ACQJ and staff; Civil society; General public.

Main activities

Establishment of the working group; Implementation of 5 podcasts; Production of 5 informative videos; Development of a 2-day workshop; Development of 2 research articles.


Gledis Gjepali – Shqipëria në Bashkimin Evropian? – [Episodi 4]

Anjeza Dervishaj – Shqipëria, politikat për mbrojtjen e të dhënave personale – [Episodi 6]

Eksperti Geron Kamberi – Integrimi Evropian – [Episodi 8]

Juristja Erisilda Shpata – Të Drejtat e Njeriut dhe Barazia Gjinore në Shqipëri – [Episodi 9]

Anila Shehi Dollani: Shqipëria në BE [Episodi 11]