Social Inclusion for Development

Meet Social Inclusion for Development (SID). They are one of the beneficiaries of the SMART Balkans project, through the grant mechanism for local initiatives. Through this mechanism SID is implementing the initiative “Legal education of the citizens of Lezhë in the framework of the administrative-territorial reform 2014”. With a clear purpose and objectives, this initiative emphasizes the importance of informing citizens of administrative units and advocate near Lezha Municipality for the creation of the position of “Legal Education Coordinator”, in accordance with the Legal Education Strategy 2019-2023. Through this initiative, they have achieved:
  • informing around 50 citizens of Lezhë administrative units on the competences of local government institutions
  • designing and developing an online information campaign on these competencies, targeting mainly young people
  • The development of a round table between representatives of the Lezhӫ Municipality, Municipal Council and representatives of civil society organizations active in the territory of the Lezha Municipality.
  • Drafting of the Local Action Plan for Public Legal Education 2024-2027
  • Creation of a network of civil society organizations for the purpose of lobbying and advocacy toward Lezha Municipality.
For more detailed information, you can visit the official website of the organization:
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