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Germin: “Analysis of diaspora needs and identification of problems”

“Analysis of diaspora needs and identification of problems” is the latest analytical report brought to you by our cooperating partner GERMIN.

The study report draws from an exhaustive examination of current research, analysis, official data sourced from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (MPJD), minutes from the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, and interviews conducted with diaspora members.

Challenges and opportunities

Investments and economic potential: The financial contributions of the diaspora come mainly through remittances. However, there is a need for better information and guidance, political and legal stability and the rule of law to encourage more significant investment.

Education and preservation of culture: The report highlights the lack of institutionalized supplementary education in the Albanian language and the need for cultural centers to preserve the connection of the diaspora with their heritage.

The right to vote: Ensuring the diaspora’s right to vote remains a challenge due to legal and administrative barriers.

Comparative analysis: The study compares Kosovo diaspora engagement strategies with successful models from Moldova, Croatia and Israel.

The report offers a series of specific recommendations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova to increase the engagement of the diaspora, among which the most important are:

Policy Reforms

Develop and implement policies that address diaspora needs and interests, including investments and legal infrastructure.

Better coordination

Strengthen collaboration between state institutions and diaspora CSOs to ensure a common and effective approach.

Facilitating investment conditions for investment

Foster political and legal stability, as well as information and support to potential investors from diaspora.


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