Network of Peace Movement -NOPM

Summary of the project

The project aims to address three components: increasing the participation of the public in decision-making (consultation, citizen supervision, participatory budgeting); participation of citizens and CSOs in policy-making (harmonization of municipal regulations, work plans), and accountability (supervisory role of the municipal assembly, financial management, provision of services, etc.) as well as propose corrective actions for increasing participation, financial management and accountability for which targeted municipalities have had setbacks and unsatisfactory results in recent years.


Project goals

General goal is to raise awareness, empower, and increase active participation of citizens and CSOs in decision-making processes for the improvement of local governance and policy-making in the development of local policies. The specific objectives are to raise awareness and empower citizens and CSOs regarding effective participation in decision-making processes, policy-making, accountability, and transparency, and to  harmonize and adopt municipal regulations in accordance with the current legislation, in collaboration between civil society and municipal officials.


Target groups and beneficiaries

Citizens, including women and youth groups, minority communities, local authorities, and local councils/village councils, will be the beneficiaries of the project. The project aims to empower citizens by increasing their awareness and active participation in decision-making processes, policy development, and local governance. Women and youth groups will receive particular attention to ensure their inclusion and representation. Minority communities will have their needs and concerns addressed, promoting inclusivity and equal participation. Local authorities will benefit from improved transparency, accountability, and effective decision-making, enhancing their governance practices. Local councils and village councils will have an increased role in decision-making and improved engagement in local governance processes, fostering a participatory environment.


Main activities

Organize dynamic workshops in each municipality, empowering citizens to actively engage in decision-making processes and contribute to policy development;
Initiate and revise six municipal regulations (two per municipality) while facilitating six lively public debates and consultations to foster meaningful dialogue with citizens;
Conduct five productive meetings in each municipality with local councils and village councils, identifying community needs and effectively addressing concerns of local groups;
Facilitate the distribution of 200 Citizen Investment Kits in each municipality, empowering citizens to actively participate in capital investment planning;
Organize two influential meetings in each municipality, engaging local decision-makers from the executive and legislative branches to convert identified needs into concrete proposals;
Foster inclusive and productive roundtable discussions in each municipality, allowing village councils to tackle challenges and assume responsibilities effectively;
Promote transparency and public engagement through the organization of three interactive budget hearings in each municipality, in collaboration with the budget and finance department;
Deliver impactful training sessions in schools across each municipality, equipping the public with essential knowledge on decision-making and policy-making participation;
Conduct focused advocacy meetings, emphasizing increased public participation, policy-making involvement, and active engagement of CSOs in municipal processes;
Create a compelling video spot, showcasing the importance of public participation and the invaluable contributions of CSOs in shaping decision-making processes
Foster learning through workshops in three municipalities, comprehensively covering external auditor reports, internal reports, annual financial statements, recommendations, and financial obligations;
Conduct a high-impact workshop, enlightening municipal assembly members and the policy and finance committee on their oversight role towards the executive branch;
Enhance the capacities of municipal departments through tailored capacity-building activities, empowering them to develop and implement annual work plans while establishing robust reporting mechanisms.