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Comic Strips in History: History in Comic Strips

The Center for Democratic Transition (CDT) publishes the second expanded edition of the publication “Drawings and Battles”. Through the history of comic strips and at times broader fields of culture, CDT aimed to connect two important segments of organization’s values: anti-fascism and Yugoslav culture.

The author of the publication is Luka Rakojevic, while the design was done by Zoran Kardula (Cardula).

The content of the document is determined by the medium, time, and space. The document describes parts of the biographies of authors who were born in or have origins in Montenegro and are connected to World War II.

Some of the comics that Rakojevic writes about are inspired by people, events, places, or mentality. These facts together create a sort of mosaic that offers an overview of selected aspects related to these themes and provides them with a framework.

The publication is available HERE.

The publication was developed with the support of the SMART Balkans CORE grant.